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We will provide adequate, reasonably convenient, and safe parking access for all students, employees, and visitors to the campus community. We will accomplish this through economical pricing, parking enforcement, and coordinated management of resources.

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Expanded parking slated for Utah Tech as university student body continues to grow…

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Parking Permits

All student, faculty, and staff motor vehicles parked on campus must bear a valid Utah Tech University parking permit.

The Parking Permit Update Form is also located on the permits page.


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Designated Parking

Parking stalls are marked with freestanding signs, and/or pavement and sidewalk striping.

(Non-student, faculty, staff)
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Citations & Appeals

Any vehicle found on campus without a UT parking permit and/or in violation of other rules and regulations will be cited, and a status check will be conducted to determine the purpose and intent of the driver/owner.

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SunTran Partnership

UT has a partnership with Suntran transportation system UT students, faculty, and staff can ride for free using their Utah Tech ID cards.


Why do I have to have a parking permit?

It helps us to distinguish between faculty and staff, students, and visitors, and allows us to enforce the reserved areas and keep them open for those who need them. The permits also allow us to identify individual vehicles for the purpose of providing security to those on campus at any given moment, as well as to provide courtesy services (to notify; those who may accidentally leave their lights on, owners of vehicles who may have rolled out of a parking stall, etc.).

What are permit funds used for?

All funds go towards institutional building and infrastructure improvement projects, addition and completion of new parking lots, funding our first parking garage – as this is not allocated by the state and must be put forth by the institution, and parking lot improvements and maintenance (paint, signage, curbing, resurfacing, software, equipment, media, etc.)

Where can I purchase a permit?

Summer 2022: online on the parking permit page or at the Cashier’s Office, Holland Centennial Commons/Library – 1st floor (cash/check only).

Coming up this academic year, Fall 2022 – Summer 2023 parking permits will be virtual! Check back for more information and how to purchase on July 1st.

What do I need to register a vehicle?

Vehicle license plate number(s), make, model, color, and Utah Tech ID number (Student/Faculty/Staff)

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each UT employee and student to keep parking registration up to date.

I have a UT license plate, does it work as a campus parking permit?

No. All donation funds from the UT special plate and registration fee go towards student scholarships. See the Alumni page for more information about this great collegiate tradition.

What if I don't have my license plates yet, how do I register my vehicle with my permit?

For new vehicles, enter the temporary license tag number when purchasing your permit. When your plates arrive, submit the Parking Permit Update Form to update your account.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each UT employee and student to keep parking registration up to date.

I ordered my permit online, where do I get my permit?

Summer 2022: at the Cashier’s Office in Holland Centennial Commons/Library – first floor. Please allow 2 business days for processing before permit pick up. Proof of receipt required.

Coming up this academic year, Fall 2022 – Summer 2023 parking permits will be virtual! Check back for more information and how to purchase on July 1st.

Where do I place the permit?

Hang tag from the rear view mirror with the permit type and number facing out toward the front windshield. In the case the permit does not fit on the rear view mirror console, or a sunshade is used, the permit may be displayed on the dash or where visible through the front windshield.

NOTE: Failure to display the permit properly will result in citing the vehicle. Such a case will be no defense upon appeal. There are two (2) violations that appear on a citation related to this issue: Failure to Display Permit Properly, and No Parking Permit.

Coming up this academic year, Fall 2022 – Summer 2023 parking permits will be virtual! Check back for more information on July 1st.

Can I upgrade my permit?

Yes, you may upgrade your permit by exchanging your hang tag and paying the difference at the Cashier’s Office (cash or check only) in Holland Centennial Commons/Library, first floor.

Students: Economy Lots permit > Student or Student/Housing permit…$25

Faculty & Staff: Economy Lots permit > General Faculty/Staff permit…$25

Faculty & Staff: Economy Lots permit > Premium Faculty/Staff permit…$50

Faculty & Staff: General Faculty/Staff permit > Premium Faculty/Staff permit…$25


Note: exchange upgrade valid within the same academic year only, you may not exchange a prior academic year permit for a current year one.


If I attend classes online, do I need to buy a permit?

Students taking classes online will still need to purchase a parking permit if they wish to use campus facilities, such as the HPC and Library. As a reminder, per policy, all student motor vehicles parked on campus must bear a current, valid parking permit (53B-3-107).

Can I park in an Economy lot with a Student/Housing/General/Premium parking permit?

Yes. All permit types are accepted in the Economy lots.

If I am a student that also works on campus why can’t I park in a Faculty/Staff (yellow) stall?

Your student status takes precedence. Your permit options are Student, Student/Housing if living in UT housing, and Economy Lots (see parking map for locations), and parking stalls are striped white.

Do I need a permit if I am bringing a motorcycle to campus?

If you are parking in a motorcycle stall a permit is not needed. However, if parking in a regular vehicle space a permit must be purchased and on file – permit hang tags do not need to be displayed on the motorcycle or moped.

Can I park in a visitor stall, even for a short amount of time, if I am a student or employee?

No. Visitor spaces are reserved for those that are not currently enrolled or employed by the university. Students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to use these stalls any time for any length of time. These stalls are constantly monitored and any student, faculty, and staff vehicle found parked in a Visitor stall will receive a citation for Parking in a Reserved Zone or Parking Stall.

How do I avoid a parking citation while loading/unloading in a No Parking Zone?

To show valid need to temporarily park in a no parking zone to load/unload, leave your emergency flashers on for the duration. This indicates you will return shortly to move the vehicle.

I am recovering from an injury/surgery, do you provide temporary Handicap tags?

We do not provide Handicap tags as these are issued by the State. However, we recommend talking with your doctor about obtaining a temporary Handicap placard, and calling our office for advisement on where to park if Handicap stalls are full.

How do I update my vehicle information?

If you have purchased a new vehicle and/or are no longer using a vehicle associated with your permit, please submit a Parking Permit Update Form. Upon approval, you will be notified via email your account has been updated.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each UT employee and student to keep parking registration with Parking Management up to date. Second vehicles must be registered to the same owner.

Can I sell or transfer my permit to another person?

No. The permit hang tag is for the exclusive use only to the person it was issued to. It may not be sold or transferred to anyone else. Unauthorized sharing or altering of the permit will result in citing the vehicle, and such a case will be no defense upon appeal.

How do I report a lost or stolen permit, and how do I get a replacement?

For a lost or stolen permit, file a report by clicking the link below. If your permit is found, we will notify you via email.

Replacement permits can be purchased at the Cashier’s Office (cash or check only) in Holland Centennial Commons – first floor:

  • Summer 2022 Replacement Premium Faculty/Staff: $30
  • Summer 2022 Replacement General Faculty/Staff, Student, Student/Housing: $20
  • Replacement Economy Lots: $20

Report lost or Stolen Permit

What do I do if my car is in the shop?

Parking Management offers temporary hangtags for loaner vehicles to students and employees whose vehicles are being repaired if they have a valid, current permit on file. Please visit the Parking Office in the Facilities Management building; we will issue you one at no cost.

Where can I park overnight?

For on-campus housing residents, overnight parking is allowed in the parking lots east of Nisson Towers and Campus View Suites II, and lower North Plaza (Lot G, H and X). Note: housing and overnight parking is not permitted in the lots west of Campus View Suites I and vehicles will be cited for Overnight/Improper Zone parking.

For department and class trips, please call or email the parking office at least one week in advance as lots close occasionally for events – we will work with you and your group regarding lot location and information to give travelers.

What happens if I get a citation and don't pay it?

Each citation is entered into a computer database that tracks them. If a citation is not cleared by an appeal filed within 15 days or by payment within 30 days of issue, a $25 late fee will be charged. If the citation is not cleared, it goes to a delinquent fines list. Students who have not cleared citations will be subject to a registration, graduation, and/or transcript hold. In the case that the owner/driver of a vehicle is not a student, staff, or faculty, the registered owner of the vehicle will be responsible for the citation.


UT parking and enforcement is authorized by the State of Utah: Utah Code Title 53-B-3-103, 106, 107.


Parking Management

Valerie O'Rourke - Parking Manager

Email: ParkingOffice@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4335

Office: Facilities Management Building, Office 144

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-5:00pm